Amazon Virtual Assistant

Commerce Hype is providing Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) for your Amazon Store or any other ecommerce marketplace. We know you are a smart businessman and just stuck up in such few tasks which are sucking your precious time. If you don’t delegate the time consuming tasks on yours to do list, you are manacling your business growth & profit and ultimately your golden time which never come back.

Ready to grow and engage yourself in strategic management; delegate your operational tasks to our professional team, we will drive you towards success at a smooth Road.

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Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Boost up your e-commerce business and grab attention to the targeted audience. You are little bit confuse and don’t know e-commerce marketing philosophy and strategy? E-Commerce is a huge business model. Even experienced brick and mortar sellers feel manacling to jump into online business.

  • Are you scared how to start online business in this era of innovative technologies?
  • Do you require trainings for commencing your own online business?
We know some of us start the business but can’t manage time to carry on it smoothly. So, you need not worry about it, we are here to support you to unchain your handcuffing and drive you to jump into online business with confidence. We are specialized in crafting data driven solutions that give continuous growth to our clients. We offer our following services:

  • Setting up and managing Amazon Store – Seller Central Account
  • Setting up and managing Ebay Store- Seller Central Account
  • Setting up and managing Shopify Store
  • Setting up and managing WalMart
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Setting up Etsy Store
  • Listing Content Writing / Rewriting
  • Designing Work

Why Choose Us for Amazon Virtual Assistant?

  • We believe that your success is our success – So we work for your entire satisfaction.
  • We are smart worker not waste time in hard working – Take right decisions at right time. we can instead play smarter than work harder.
  • We create Solutions not excuses – we have “Can Do” attitude and accept challenges.
  • Time management is distinctive characteristic of our company – We have sufficient Commerce Hype team of minds who deliver all tasks timely.
  • We love using the term “Get ready to move forward”
  • We always take initiatives – we not only widen the skills but also do work at relationship.
  • We are very Cooperative and work well with the team – Without team we are individual and can’t perform well.
  • Open Minded towards growth and learning – We all rise from constructive criticism.
  • Create fun and positive vibes around everyone – we work as a team and take the work enthusiastically. We enjoy the work as every expert is passionate in his/her work
  • We believe our employees are our most precious asset. We try to make them happy so that they deliver their 100 percent. Happy employees = Success.

Customer Care Services

As a service provider, we are pride in giving solutions, not reasons. We are rapturous to meet clients’ requirements. Our goal is entire satisfaction of the client. Actually customer success is ultimately our success. When our client grow briskly it gives us confidence to play widely. Our professional team touch the all aspects of e-commerce business so that where ever our feel hurdle we can give solutions.

+92 321 4224993

Technical Support

We expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints till the satisfaction of the customer. Talk with the clients through a series of actions, either via phone, email or chat, until they’ve solved a technical issue. We follow up with the clients to ensure their E-commerce solutions and make it fully functional after fixing the problems.

Back Office Support

We cooperate and do work as a team. We are pretty aware the word “I” does not have strength, when individuals work together then become strength. Although back-office staff members do not interact with customers, but they actively interact with the front office staff to provide accurate information. They create attractive and relevant marketing materials. Our IT professionals keep updated all divisional functioning systems so that we can interact with our customers / clients at a smooth pace.

Our Core eCommerce Services
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant – VA
  • Amazon Account Creation Services
  • Amazon Brand Registry Services
  • Product Research / Product Hunting
  • Product Description
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • PPC Campaigns
  • EBC A+ Content
  • Amazon FBA& FBM Management
  • Amazon FBA Services
  • Amazon Wholesle Services
  • Amazon Product Sourcing Services
  • Amazon Customer Support Services
  • Amazon Competitor Research
  • Amazon Private Label Products
  • Amazon appeals and case handling
  • Amazon store health improvement
  • Amazon bar code exemption

Amazon is a dominating Platform in e-commerce industry

Due to emerging demand of brick and mortar sellers are interested to commence online business. The e-commerce industry is growing at exponential rate. It is expected the e-commerce business will touch the worldwide sales almost $4.8 trillion by the end of 2021.

It is estimated that more than 24 million online stores are selling their products on their website but, in the world of e- commerce, Amazon takes the huge chunk of business. In US only Amazon almost control 50% of e-commerce market share.

As a highly dominating platform Amazon attract the people to make a store on this most attractive platform and sell their products. Where Amazon is most attractive, it also creates a huge competition among sellers. So to cope up the seller central account issues every seller need guidance and training.

Commerce Hype  give the solution to your e-commerce problems and serve you as a Virtual Assistant.

Amazon Virtual Assistant – VA

We know your time is valuable and you can’t handle all the tasks of your Amazon Seller – Central Account. You need a Virtual Assistant – VA who can release you from operational glitches and make you free for your strategic business planning.

You must scale your Wholesale / FBA Amazon Business with an Amazon Virtual Assistant – VA

If you are worried about that you don’t have the sufficient time to handle your seller central account or you are confused how to start your Amazon FBA / FBM Business.

You need no more worries !!! you have landed on the right page. We are here to help you out from getting rid of your e-commerce business bugs.

We are pretty aware your time is valuable and you shouldn’t be spending it on monotonous admin tasks. You must outsource any ordinary tasks to your Amazon Virtual Assistant- VA and spend your precious time on other productive activities. We will guide you at every step and train you how to work smartly.

Ready to grow and boost your Sales velocity up.
Why we are more confident to give accurate solutions? because our Virtual Assistants (Vas) follow the guidelines of the gurus (Milssa Smith, Gina Horkey, Chris Ducker and many more) of Amazon who published and shared their own experience and insights in shape of books.
Either you start Amazon Wholesale business or launch Private Label (PL) Products, we offer our services to manage all this.

Why Choose Us

  • We give A-Z solutions of your e-commerce problems.
  • We have a team of minds in e-commerce.
  • We not only offer our services in handsome packages but also offer customized services.
  • We do work till the 100 percent satisfaction of the customers.
  • We don’t compromise on quality.
  • Free consultation is given when you get in to contact.

Here we Offer:

You have approached right web page to get rid of you from a lot of donkey work which is less important. You must delegate your tasks to your Amazon Virtual Assistant. Our professional team offer the following services:

Product Research – we find the Wow factor in the Products so that the clients get attract and click the page. Our targets are those products which are not easily available and customer search volume is high to find them.

Keywords Research – for optimization product research we choose the exact, broad keywords by using related tools like Marchant word Helium 10 etc.

Sourcing and logistics – When the Wow product has been found the 1st target is to source the reliable and reasonable supplier of the product who can give you the same product at lowest rate. We have dedicated team who just work on sourcing and built relationship with the trustworthy suppliers.

Search Engine Optimization SEO – Only SEO friendly description and images grab the attention of the shoppers. it is very difficult task to drive the traffic on your product page. Our Experts Amazon Virtual Assistants generate relevant traffic on your web page by providing SEO services.

Content writing / Product Description – we create excellent content to your product listing which is SEO friendly. We design impressive Product description which attract the shoppers and compel them to click the product page.

Listing Optimization – We do create SEO friendly Product title, Product description, impressive bullet points, traffic driven keywords, eye catching product images. Our created optimized listing grab the attention of relevant audience.

Shoppers’ Satisfaction – We give the guidelines how to answer the shoppers’ queries, and how to address negative feedback. Getting negative reviews removed as per Amazon policies.

Handle MFN and FBA Orders – We can manage your FBA / FBM inventory, download shipping labels, create packing slip, creating removal orders, locating past orders and confirm MFN orders.

Managing PPC Campaign – We can set up you manual and auto PPC campaign and our professionals know how to reduce ACOS and maintain it under 15%. We also do back end search terms. Boost up BSR.

Stranded and suppressed listing fixation – Due to some reasons Amazon suppressed your listing and many people get confused how to handle them. We smartly handle this issue and open the case with amazon if required.

Competitor Analysis – by using amazon tools (Jungle Scout, Marchant word, Keepa Helium 10 viral launch and more others) we do reverse ASIN to analyze the competitors.

Handling Amazon Suspension Account – If unfortunately, your account gets suspended, we can design a well descriptive logical appeal letter, which will describe the plan of action.

Why should hire our Virtual Assistant Services?

  • Better Time management
    By hiring appropriate Amazon Virtual Assistant, the clients complete their work before deadlines. The customer can utilize their precious time in product activities.
  • Reduce Overhead Cost
    Virtual Assistant does not hold your office space. It saves the cost and reduce electricity and utility bills. This is the cost effective option for the businessman.
  • Final Thought
    Smooth running of all the operations which meet the deadlines accurately is the essence of any business. In the business of e-commerce where the employees are virtually available it became easy to expand business activities by hiring Virtual Assistant.

Product Research OR  Product Hunting

Product Research or Product hunting is the key initiative in any online business. It became more difficult when we search the Product for Amazon platform. More than 500 million products are available at Amazon. There are almost 40 categories of the products are available on Amazon. In which 27 are ungated. In these ungated categories you have to narrow down which niche is to be focused. More than 85% Amazon Sellers lose their business just because of wrong selection of the Product.

So it is very important to figure out that which product is most demanding and less competitive. Besides this also having knowledge which product has highest profit margin. If you don’t spend the considerable time in Product selection you will get Fail.

Most popular top 10 categories of Amazon

  1. Home and Kitchen
  2. Sports and Outdoor
  3. Pet Supplies
  4. Toys and Games
  5. Beauty and Personal Care
  6. Garden and Outdoor
  7. Health Household & Baby Care
  8. Beauty and Personal Care
  9. Kitchen and Dining
  10. Office Product

Most profitable Category of Amazon
Every Product has significant value and has its own Market place. It is pertinent to know which specific category is most popular and profitable. It is obvious profit margin is vary depending on your product cost and your best sourcing.
Any Product can get maximum conversion rate if the right strategy adopted. The minimum profit margin on Amazon is 15%-25% if you play all right strategies in Product Research, Shipment management Optimized Listing creating setting right PPC Campaigns etc.

Commerce Hype Team Services in Helping Product Research
As above mentioned in the e-commerce business Product Selection has a significant importance because your product itself attract the shoppers so, there must be wow factor on your product, which can easily grab the attention of the shoppers and targeted audience.
Our Commerce Hype team having an ample experience in Product Research because we just not depend on the relevant Product Research tools, we maintain data of excellent products with sourcing.

Our Strategy during Product Research
We offer our services as we have the vigilant experience in this field. We do bother first of all clients’ requirement and give suggestion as per their budget and strategic planning. We have some complete guidelines which we give to our clients.
There is no exact tool or any formula which predict the success of the Product. This is your analysis, monitoring and experience that hatches the golden eggs of success.
The following considerations points we observe while providing Product Research Services to our clients.

  1. Current Market Trend
  2. High Demand Low Competition
  3. Wow Factor
  4. High Profit Margin
  5. Not easily available
  6. High Keyword Search Volume
  7. Small and Light Weight
  8. Seller’s Rank
  9. Seasonality
  10. Price Range between $ 25 – $60
  11. Less than 200 Reviews
  1. Current Market Trends

The most important thing is current market trend to choose the winning product. To know the current market trend we use the different tools. Now the world has been too shrink like a village where everybody knows others behavior. So we are very concern with the market trends and guide the clients about the shoppers’ interest.

  1. High Demand Low Competition

It is obvious that the shoppers demand set the behavior of the sellers. If your selected Product have more competitors it will be the chance your search visibility curve goes down. While seeing the current market trend it is also important you must consider that the competition of this product low. Otherwise it will be difficult to swim in the ocean of Amazon.

  1. Wow Factor

Any shopper who is visiting the shopping site and see his/her desired product in a huge quantity. Now only the wow factor compels him / her to the click the product and add to cart.

  1. High Profit Margin

It is often a pitfall for the newly jumped into the Amazon Business. They get excited looking at hot products and don’t have the experience for sourcing the same from the right place. So high product cost cannot give the high profit margin.
Our team put dedicated time in sourcing and find the best suppliers who offer low price of the product.

  1. Easily Available

If the products are easily available at you brick and mortar stores it lose the attraction of the shoppers who frequently visit the market. So we pay high attention on those products which are not easily available in the market.

  1. High Keyword Search Volume

Keywords which are highly searched by the shoppers are recommended. Exact keywords increase the chances of visibility of your product. We use different tools for seeing the high search volume. Exact, Phrase and Broad keywords we use to analyze the search volume. Top 3 keywords have 50,000 plus monthly searches on Amazon

  1. Small and Light Weight

Small and light weight products actually cost low shipping charges. The biggest benefit is it take small space and the seller does not bear high storage fee. These types of products generate better sales. The product should not be fragile.

  1. Sellers’ Rank

We must consider the products which has best seller rank of at least 5000 in the main category.

  1. Seasonality

Mostly newbies do the mistake when they see the market trend and pick the hot product without bothering that the product is seasonal. They buy the product in bulk and got the very high sale first 2 0r 3 weeks but after that the sales stop.

So when we do Product Research we keep in mind seasonality. We offer the products that can be sold throughout the year not just during certain seasonal periods. Through Google trend Report you can detect seasonal sales spikes you can easily avoid.

  1. Price Range between $25 – $60

Product prices that fall between the range of $25 – $60 are more profitable products. It can be bought more rather high prices products.

  1. Less than 200 Reviews

Reviews constitutes the social proof. Experienced sellers admit that the product you finalize should have 3 sellers in top 10. The sellers who have more than 1000 reviews it creates the tough market and you have to compete hardly. You have to spent significant amount of time.

How we do Product Research Fast

By using Product Database, you can scan the Amazon Products and filter the key matric in the Jungle Scout which is the chrome extension.
Jungle Scout track the search volume, price, Sales volume, seasonality and more.
Another tool of searching Products is Product Tracker which is also helpful in sales activities, showing BSR, pricing and more.
Niche Hunter is another great feature built into web app. It helps in exploring niche products by looking keywords.
There are many other tools which we use in finalizing the Product.

WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • Excellent Amazon VA services. Now my store is performing very well without any delay

    John Anderson
    John Anderson
    Risotto Co
  • Outstanding Experience with this Team. Highly recommended for Amazon services.

    Lida Smith
    Lida Smith
    Mexin Co

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